Welcome to ToxicScribble HP. This site is for horse phenomena players but anyone can use it. We have lots of resources; layout generators, free layouts, pictures and tutorials. There's also forum, chat room and blogging areas.


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...to those who have joined recently although TSHP hasn't been the most active site in the world...or just active, really. There are still free resources for those who need them as well as linked banners that are listed under Resources in the navigation.

I will still be here floating around and answering things to the best of my ability if anyone needs a bit of help (-cough- Coding Help and Support board -cough-), and a couple of the most common problems in the generator codes are listed in the posts that I've put in updated answers to. Maybe TSHP will get back up and active, but for now, let's just make the best of it. :)

Put a banner to link other people to this site!

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If people are starting to use toxicscribble again, I'd gladly help out, but I would like to know if there are people that are still interested. I've seen some posts in the chat box, so I know there are a few people around this ghost town.

So, is anyone interested in getting this place back up to what it used to be? Not to walk memory lane, but we used to have all sorts of ads, topics/posts, new layouts/graphics all the time. We could do that again, but it takes work and I'd like to know if anyone is actually interested in that.


Posted by: Kidnapped on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:27 pm | 14 comments

New Page/Ideas

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Well, we have a layout up on the HP page now! Account #808. Go over there to advertise on our layout. There's some information up on the layout, and I'm working on putting more of it up throughout the next few days.

I have another poll question for you guys! Vote in the poll, comment on this update, and get 50 free TS Credits! To vote in the poll, click on the link that says : New Page/Ideas

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I got the HP account sort of going. Fathoms is amazing, and making us a layout for that account! So thanks to him, a ton! Especially since he wasn't even taking orders at the time!

Got us upgraded as well. In exchange for training till the end of the year! HAHA! I won't give out the information on that because I don't want everybody swamping that upgrader.

I put in for our association as well. So that should be accepted *fingers crossed* on Friday. Then maybe we can get more things going and such.

Also, everything on the forums was pruned through. So it's time to clean up members. If you are reading the updates, please comment on here or start a new thread. I'm going to begin cleaning up members so we can save space and such.

I think that's all for the updates right now. Thanks goes out to whoever is reading this!

Posted by: onlaki on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:15 am | 0 comments

Let's get this thing going!

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Alright, I've gotten my ambition back! We need to get people to join and post on here! From now on I'll be offering free HP dollars and prizes for joining/referring people. We don't have an actual referral system, but you can message referrals to #765 on HP. Contact me on here for prizes and such! Don't forget to post banners around your HP pages.

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